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Mind To Muscle, Blueberry Lemonade

Pre-Workout. Mental Intensity and Focus. Boost of Clean Energy. Delay Muscle Fatigue. Accelerate Workout Performance. MRI Mind To Muscle Is Formulated To Fire Up Neurological Activity To Bridge The Mind-To-Muscle Connection. It Helps You Focus So You Can Train Harder And Longer. Alphasize Supports The Production Of Acetylcholine, A Neurotransmitter Which Helps Support Brain Function And Enhances Mental Sharpness. Carnosyn Is A Premium Beta-Alanine That Optimizes Muscular Power Output. Caffeine And Theanine Work Together To Increase Energy And Alertness While Significantly Reducing The Jittery Feeling So You Can Stay Motivated From Start To Finish. Potassium Bicarbonate And Magnesium Help Reduce Muscle Fatigue And Speed Up Recovery. L-Arginine Helps Increase Blood Flow Which Promotes Delivery of Oxygen and Nutrients to the Muscles. Accelerate Your Workout Performance By Taking A Scoop Of Mind To Muscle 15-30 Minutes Before Exercising. Use Mind To Muscle Continuously For At Least 4-6 Weeks To Get The Best Results.

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