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Amino PM Goodnight Grape

Muscle Elements, PowerDown Amino PM, Complete Night Time Growth & Deep Sleep Inducing Repair Formula With Time Release L-Leucine. Increases: GH Release, Muscle Recovery, Deep Sleep, Adrenal Reset Support & Mental Rejuvenation Support. More Restful Sleep... More GH Release... More Muscle Repair... More Adrenal & Mental Recovery. This 6 in 1 product packs everything needed to repair, recover and reset your mind and body for maximum athletic performance, muscle growth and overall rest. The elements in PowderDown AminoPM were designed to prime your body and keep you anabolic during deep restful sleep. You will experience more GH release, more REM sleep, a relaxed mind and a refreshed mood with every serving. In addition to containing specific ratios of EAA's, AminoPM contains L-Leucine (the key anabolic amino acid) and Active TR a time release form of L-Leucine that releases for hours while you sleep. AminoPM also contains adrenal reset elements that will naturally support a reduction in stress levels while restoring response to stimulants. This formula fills the gaps in your daily supplementation and provides the true recovery like you have yet to experience.