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Nitro Tech Casein Gold, Cookies and Cream

14 Servings Free! 25% Bonus. New Bonus Size. Sustained-Release Micellar Casein. Enhances Muscle Size, Strength & Recovery. Superior Taste & Mouthfeel. 24g Protein. 10g BCAAs Glutamine and Precursor. 0g Fat. 72 Servings. Superior to the Competition. Prolonged-Release Premium Casein Protein: For Decades, Muscletech Has Been A Leading Protein Brand. Built On A Foundation Of Human Research And Cutting-Edge Science, It's Earned The Trust Of Countless Consumers Worldwide. Now The Same Research And Development Team Has Pioneered A New Slow-Release Protein Formula Based On Superior Protein Sources For Longer Absorption And Better Taste. 8-Hour, Sustained Amino Acid Delivery: Enhance Your Recovery With Sustained Nutrient Release. Casein And Milk Protein Are Some Of The Slowest Digesting Proteins Available. Nitro Tech Casein Gold Delivers 24g Of High-Quality Protein Taken From Multiple Premium Casein Sources, Including Primarily Micellar Casein. In Fact, The Protein Source Used In Nitro Tech Casein Gold Has Been Shown In Research Published In The America Journal Of Clinical Nutrition To Release Amino Acids Into Your Bloodstream For Up To 8 Hours After Taking It. Because Of This Sustained-Release Property, Its Highly Anabolic And Anti-Catabolic Formula Promotes A Muscle-Building Environment For Longer Periods Of Time. What's More, Each Enhanced Serving Of Nitro Tech Casein Gold Contains 10g Of Naturally Occurring BCAAs, Glutamine And Precursor, And Only 1g Of Sugar. Combined With An Award-Winning Flavor Profile, Nitro Tech Casein Gold Is As Good For Your Taste Buds As It Is For Your Muscles. The Superior-Tasting Protein Formula: Slow-Digesting Protein Blend to Support Prolonged Amino Acid Release to Continuously Feed Your Muscles. Features The Most Premium Casein Protein Blend For A Superior Amino Acid Profile. 10g of Anabolic BCAAs, Glutamine and Precursor for Better Muscle Protein Synthesis and Recovery. Superior Cold-Processed, Ultra-Pure Micro-Filtered Protein Blend Featuring Micellar Casein. Compared To Typical Casein Powders, Nitro Tech Casein Gold Has A Better Texture For A Superior Flavor Profile.

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