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Native Pro 100, True Vanilla

RIVALUS, NATIVE PRO 100, 100% Native Whey Protein Isolate, True Vanilla, Naturally Flavored, Made From 100% Native Whey Protein Isolate, 30g Protein, 17 percent more leucine than standard WPI, 12 servings per container, 0 rBST hormones or needless antibiotics, 0 banned substances, Dietary Supplement, Native Pro 100, How We Achieve More By Doing Less, Native Pro 100 represents the latest innovation in whey protein. Our lower-temp technology extracts pure whey protein directly from the milk of pasture-raised, grass-fed cows. This helps to preserve more of the naturally occurring benefits scientifically shown to support muscle performance. Both standard and native whey proteins originate from fresh skim milk, but that is where the similarities end. Native Pro 100 is made directly from the milk of pasture raised cows and is not a byproduct of cheese manufacturing. Direct sourcing offers more consistent flavor, a better amino acid profile, and minimizes heat & processing that can denature the natural, or 'native,' characteristics of the proteins. Naturally Richer In Key Amino Acids: + 8% Glutamine & Glutamic Acid, + 17% Leucine, + 25% Arginine, WHY GO NATIVE? High Protein Content (94% protein purity), Naturally richer in key amino acids to help support lean muscle, Less heat & processing = less protein denaturation, Backed by scientific research, <0.1 grams of lactose, NO Needless Antibiotics, NO Gluten, NO Artificial Flavors or Sweeteners, NO Synthetic FD&C Colors, NO rBST Hormones, NO Creamers/Fillers, NO Banned Substances, NO Added Sugars, NO Cheese Residues, Pro & Olympic Athlete Trusted Worldwide, RIVALUS.NET

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